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I am not a lesbian, says Avril

Pretty Avril Nyambura speaks to Sylvania  Ambani  about life’s challenges, rumours and the truth

Tell me about your life before stardom and what challenges you faced before becoming Avril

I was born and raised in Nakuru — a small town. Coming to Nairobi made me open my eyes to endless opportunities and challenges such as being in an industry where everything was sort of ruled by men, and it still is.

How did you realise that you could sing?

I have always been on stage from when I was a young girl but I discovered and professionally started singing after doing a couple of background vocals for a number of artists while I was still at Ogopa Djs.

How do you define yourself now after the success?

I define myself as an artiste who has managed to explore the arts from different angles having ventured into music and drama as well.

How different is Avril from Nyambura?

Avril is an act; Nyambura is a real person. Avril has to smile regardless of what is happening in her life but Nyambura gets to break down when she is behind closed doors, if she has to.

What is the craziest thing that you have done to get what you want?

I happen to be a very reserved and conservative person so I hardly do anything crazy. If something is not working I do not look for extreme solutions. I just make sure I work very hard to achieve whatever I want. I have never been handed anything on a silver platter in my life, and I never expect it, so I work.

Was there a time when you were a lesbian as per the rumour mill?


How has the industry changed you?

The industry or any business, for that matter, does not change anyone; it just amplifies the person inside. The people and company you keep is what changes you for the better or worse. I try very hard to stay around people who impact my life positively and open my eyes to things that make sense.

Have you done things that you’d have imagined?

Yes, I am. I never thought I would be an actress.

What is the wrong perception that people make of you?

I wouldn’t know because those are their perceptions. Most of the time you will not know what people think of you because they behave  differently when they are around you.

How do you feel when most people see you to a sex symbol?

It is normal  for a singer or performing artist to be seen that way so I use it to my  advantage. Sex appeal is important for anyone who is in the public eye, it evens works for presidents.

 What next for you?

Entrepreneurship, hopefully being a wife and mother and even a better musician and actress .