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Husbands, want to know how to boost romance in your marriage?

Contrary to popular belief, findings of new scientific research says rather than kill the romance in your relationship, a baby might actually improve it.

This is however only true if the man in the relationship is involved in childcare.

Researchers from Georgia State University in the US have found that when heterosexual couples split the child care responsibilities with the man taking up more of them, a couple experiences a more fulfilling sex life as well as marriage.

The researchers came to these findings after analyzing 900 heterosexual couples. They found that in up to 60 percent of the study subjects, the women were the ones that took up most or all of the child care duties.

They found that couples where women were responsible for all of the child care duties were the ones that reported the lowest levels of satisfaction in their relationships and sex lives.

When dads took on the majority of the child care on the other hand, the women in those relationships reported the highest level of satisfaction with their sex lives but the men had a slight dip in the level of satisfaction.

When the couples shared the house chores equally on the other hand, they experienced high levels of satisfaction in the relationship and more frequent and fulfilling sex.

The study did not look into who fed or bathed the child, tasks which are primarily considered a mother’s forte. They looked at other activities which needed a father’s physical involvement like playing with the child.

The psychology behind it

Explaining these findings, the researchers observe that when a woman is in charge of more all of the child care duties, the couple fights more, they have more conflict, they are less happy with the relationship and ultimately, both of them are more dissatisfied with how much sex they’re having.

The general dissatisfaction in the relationship appears to trickle into a couple’s sex life.

According to Daniel Carlson, who was the study lead, “We conclude that being an engaged father is very important to men. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t see such a high level of satisfaction.”

For all this to be achieved, a couple needs to work together. Co-operation, good communication and rhythm will create a strong relationship bond which will spill over into a couple’s sex life.

Couples that are talking to each other and listening to each other are more likely than not to have high quality sex lives as opposed to those that are not.