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Was Huddah’s jibe on club hosting aimed at rival Vera Sidika?

Was socialite Huddah Monroe’s jibe on club hostings targeted at her rival Vera Sidika?

This is the question on the minds of some of their fans after she slammed club hostings as exploitative.

The rant comes a week after Vera, last Sunday hosted an event at a club in Nyeri town.

The socialite shared a video of the event on her timeline, captioning it: “”Nyeri showed so much love last night!!!!…You guys were sooooo liiiiiit…SOLD OUT ON A SUNDAY. Nawapenda.”

But Huddah now says her profile is too big for club hostings.

“I no longer do club hostings coz my rate card went way up there…and most promoters like to shortchange a nigga…so for peanuts I’d rather sleep comfortably in my bed than hop onto a flight to go receive ya pocket change. Hope we clear??” she said.

“I’d rather people say I’m not making moves than me making oppressive moves just to be seen or look like I’m winning. There’s a time for sowing and a time for reaping…”

The two socialites do not see eye to eye. In the past, they have thrown shade at each other on various ventures including on car ownerships and businesses.

Huddah has a brand of cosmetics that are a hit with Kenyan women while Vera runs a slimming tea business. The latter also owns a high-end beauty parlour in Westlands.