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Huddah touches Kenyans’ raw nerve with her ‘animals’ insults

Socialite Huddah Monroe is in trouble after she insulted Kenyans during a social media rant.

Huddah, through her Insta stories, ranted how Kenya was full of ‘animals’ who are jealous and tear each other down instead of encouraging one another.

The socialite’s rant started off with how most Kenyans don’t realise that their country is a jungle until they visit another country.

“When you are outside Kenya looking in, you just realise you used to live in a jungle. Country full of animals! Its like an animal kingdom! Very few humans in that place. Everyone wants to see everyone fail. You cant trust anyone in that jungle. Country full of animals, jealousy, envy, hatred is the motto,” she wrote.


Huddah’s reference to Kenyans as animals angered netizens who descended on her with insults while advising that she finds a another market for her cosmetics business.

Rahab Reyhab commented; “Kwani all socialites hua na haters? They all complain about it ata nashangaa wanaishi kenya gani, vile maisha inatupeleka who has time to hate ??.”

Tash D Karanja wrote; “Sorry miss but on the contrary the moment you step out that’s when you know the value of where you come from idiot ??.”

Tatianna Mallos added; “At the end of the day that shitty country u just described above is still your home.”

Chris Tina stated; “Stop lying gal, when you outside you come to appreciate the hospitality and loving nature of our people. The joy you experience when you meet a fellow Kenyan!!All you see in them is a brother/sister from home. A family reunion”

Leah Mengah wrote; “Na ulizaliwa kwa hiyo jungle enyewe nyani haoni kundule.”

Wairimu Nish commented; “As an entrepreneur whose biggest market is in Kenya these are very ignorant words coming from her…Wow! Just Wow!”

Minji Minji added; “Those animals in the jungle are part of sustaining your lifestyle by buying your products ✌️”