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How candidates are buying full KCSE ‘exam papers’

Criminals are selling what are believed to be the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination questions to students.

Investigations have established that the questions are sent to students through WhatsApp at a fee of Sh1,000 for each paper.

Nation reporters got the papers from a person in Bungoma who is linked to the syndicate selling the examinations.

The Nation team bought copies of the Mathematics Paper 1 sent to some candidates Wednesday morning, hours before the exam.

A teacher from Vihiga County, who is supervising the exams, said she had also come across Biology questions on WhatsApp.


The teacher said she was shocked that the questions were the same as those in the actual paper, an indication the exam had been leaked.

“What is happening is disturbing. I have personally talked to my students and they have admitted that it easy to get the examination questions in advance after paying Sh1,000,” said the teacher.

This came as ODM chief whip Jakoyo Midiwo called on the Kenya National Examination Council to postpone the exams “because they have been leaked”.

The Gem MP told a radio station that the exams, which began on October 12, were being sold.

“It is no longer a secret that exam papers are everywhere and are being sold at throw-away prices,” he said during a morning interview with the vernacular station.

“The only honourable thing the council can do to save majority of the children is to postpone the examinations by five months,” he said.

On Wednesday, the Nation contacted a person in Bungoma and asked for copies of the Mathematics paper using a mobile phone number sent to him by a person familiar with activities of the syndicate.


When contacted, the individual in Bungoma said there would be no problem in handling the request.

“Are you a candidate? There is no problem. I will forward the questions to you as soon as we are agree on the payments,” said a contact.

He said the questions would be forwarded as soon as the payment had been made. He said payments could also be made for the other examination papers the candidates will be sitting.

The cheating is reported to have been going on from the day the exams started.

A teacher at a secondary school in Kakamega County, for fear of possible victimisation, said the papers were being sent to the candidates who later discuss them in groups during revision.

“We use the national exams to gauge our performance but it is so demoralising when we witness what is happening,” said the teacher.

The candidates will sit the Mathematics Paper 1 and Geography examinations on Thursday.