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How Nairobi moms are cutting costs of buying text books for their children

A popular Facebook group page is helping mothers connect and swap text books for use by their children before schools reopen for the new year.

Kilimani Mums is making it possible for mothers with class one text books to sell them to those with children joining the class next year then using the proceeds to buy class two books from other mothers at half the price.

The group that enjoys a following of over 100,000 women has so far managed to link many parents who have benefited from the trade.


In one of the posts, where a mother posted the list of books available at half price in her house, it took less than an hour for her to find a buyer and connect with a mother whose child was in the next class.

One user asked, “Where are u located galfred I need the books my son going to class two.”

Others enquired about other classes getting responses from the mothers whose children were in those classes.

Most parents shop for text books in December as they prepare to take their children to the next class.

But the frequency with which the Kenyan education system changes the syllabus often renders some books outdated with time.