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How Kenyans reacted to increased SGR train fares

Kenyans on Twitter have expressed mixed reactions the announcement by Kenya Railways that the fares for the Standard Gauge Railway train Madaraka Express will soon be increased.

Kenya Railways Managing Director Atanas Mainaon on Friday told Nairobi News that ticket prices for passengers travelling in the economy class will soon be increased from Sh700 to Sh1,200.

Fare for first class passengers will however remain at Sh3,000.


Passengers to pay more for SGR train journey

The price adjustments will take effect from April if approved by Ministry of Transport.

The Madaraka Express that travels between Nairobi and Mombasa daily has became very popular for travelers shuttling between the two cities since its launch in May 2017.

The announcement of the new fares was however not well received by Kenyans on Twitter.