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How AP officer shot and killed colleague on night patrol

As 52 year old Benson Barasa embarked on police patrol on Thursday night at Ngong area, he had no premonition of his death in the hands of his colleague.

The hardworking Corporal, as eulogized by his boss, Ngong OCPD George Seda, was on foot patrol at 1am with a colleague, Constable Nyakeramba Maranga when they heard commotions emanating from Destiny bar.

The bar was operating past the stipulated hours, as it is not licensed as a 24-hour premise, prompting the officers to head there and identified themselves as police.

Mr Seda said the officers found the bar locked from inside but they identified themselves while outside the establishment and demanded that the door be opened.

At that point the lights inside the bar went off and the police officers were unable to see what was happening inside. Moments later, shots were fired by one occupant whom police suspect is an Administration Police officer.


“One officer was shot around the collar bone area and is now in a stable condition but the other officer who was shot in the eye died on the spot,” said Mr Seda.

Some of the patrons then stormed out of the bar and the injured officer, Constable Nyakeramba Maranga pursued them unaware that he had been injured.

“It was only when he (Maranga) felt some cold fluid on his chest that he discovered that he had been shot and he called for help from other officers who were on mobile patrol in Ngong,” said Mr Seda.

The Constable was rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital where he was admitted and treated. He is said to be in a stable condition now.

Six patrons of the bar in question were arrested but the Administration Police officer who is suspected to have been the one who fired at his colleagues is still at large. Spent cartridges of 9mm-calibre bullets and bullet heads were recovered from the scene.