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House-help beaten for allegedly seducing husbands

Drama unfolded in an Ongata Rongai plot on Saturday after women ganged up against a house-help who they accused of seducing their husbands.

The house-help, identified only as Jackie, was accused of allegedly leaving seductive letters in bathrooms. The letters were targeted to married men.

The plot consists of two-roomed houses with common toilets and bathrooms. 

The women say they stumbled on three letters they believe were written by the house-help and which were dropped in the bathrooms.

They also claim the house-help, who is in her early 20s, never closes the bathroom door when showering.

One of the women claimed her husband found one such note in the bathroom. It had a phone number and stated “kama unanidai nipigie”.

“My husband brought the note asking me what it meant. We called the number and found out it belonged to the house-help who lives next door,” she said.

The women demanded the house-help’s employer to fire her. They said her behaviour threatens to break their marriages.

The house-help’s employer however dismissed their demands.