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Why house allowances for police officers in Nairobi have been massively slashed

Police constables in Nairobi will now only get Sh9,500 instead of the proposed house allowance of Sh18,124.

This is after it emerged that the Government has a policy where allowances cannot be half of what the employees earn as salary.

In its initial plan, the government had indicated that police officers working in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Meru and Uasin Gishu would be paid a house allowance of Sh13,124.


However, in its new proposals Police Constables in Nairobi will earn Sh3,000 in commuter allowance while corporals will get Sh4,000.

At the same, a Chief Inspector in Nairobi will be paid Sh27,000 in house allowance and Sh5,000 in commuter allowance.

A Senior Superintendent in Nairobi will be entitled to a house allowance of Sh36,000 and Sh8,000 in commuter allowance.


An officer of the rank of Commissioner of Police in Nairobi will be entitled to a house allowance of Sh45,000 and a commuter allowance of Sh12,000.

An Assistant Inspector General of Police in Nairobi is expected to earn a house allowance of Sh55,000 and a commuter allowance of Sh16,000.