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Hosting VIPs no easy task

Nairobi faced one of its biggest logistical nightmares on Wednesday and Thursday as world leaders flew in to attend the [email protected] celebrations.

Protocol and security officers worked late into Wednesday night and the early hours of Thursday securing several five-star hotels which were hosting at least 16 visiting presidents and prime ministers.

Long hours were also spent clearing Nairobi’s major roads of heavy traffic compounded by the heavy rains pounding the city to allow the visitors a smooth ride to their various hotels when they flew in on Wednesday evening.

No less than 18 of Nairobi’s most luxurious and elegant five-star hotels were selected to host the visiting heads of state and their delegations, some hosting as many as three presidents.

Due to security reasons, the visiting delegations were driven straight to their hotels and could therefore not join their host President Kenyatta at the Wednesday night function at the Uhuru Gardens where he hoisted the national flag and planted a commemorative tree to mark the Golden Jubilee.