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Hilarious new meaning to fruits being shared on Facebook

What started as a campaign to raise awareness on breast cancer has quickly turned into platform for relationship jokes.

Facebook users have from the start of the week been sharing different kind of fruits on Facebook as a way of raising awareness on breast cancer. The choice of fruit  made reference to their love life status.

But some sisters have decided to share what they really thought is the truth and gave the fruits new meaning. Here is what they said.

Blueberry is single.
(New meaning) I will never marry him

Pineapple is it’s complicated.
(New meaning) I’m dating an idiot

Raspberry is I don’t want to commit.
(New meaning) Want to marry him

Apple is engaged.
(New meaning) I’m dating his best friend

Cherry is in a relationship.
(New meaning) He is weak in bed

Banana is married.
(New meaning) I’m cheating on him

Avocado is I’m the better half.
(New meaning) I would kill him for money

Strawberry is can’t find Mr Right.
(New meaning) Proudly married

Lemon is I want to be single.
(New meaning) I want a kid

Raisin is I want to get married to my partner.
(New meaning) I will never marry him

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness of the disease.

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