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Here is the man who has ‘replaced’ Polycarp Igathe at City Hall

A storm is brewing at City Hall over the involvement of East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Simon Mbugua in the running of the county’s affairs .

On Tuesday, a section of Nairobi Ward Representatives accused Mr Mbugua of running the show at City Hall since the resignation of deputy governor Polycarp Igathe last month.

Mr Mbugua is a former Kamukunji MP.

The MCAs now want Governor Mike Sonko to come out clear on the role of Mr Mbugua at City Hall.

The concern was evident after the MCAs adjourned  normal business on Wednesday to discuss the conduct of Mr Mbugua.


They claimed he has been insulting, intimidating and threatening City Hall staff and leaders.

They further alleged that Mr Mbugua has been attending Governor Sonko’s cabinet meetings, county workshops and is frequently seen in City Hall’s corridors.

The MCAs claimed Mr Mbugua has been ordering staff including County Executives on what to do and influencing key decisions on awarding of tenders.

But in a hard hitting rejoinder, the EALA MP told the Ward Representatives to concentrate on matters of development  instead of engaging in ‘petty politics’.

“Fighting well-meaning leaders is not the reason Nairobians elected them,” Mr Mbugua stated.

“Politics of development should and must encompass everyone. It is only when people have something to hide that they question any scrutiny or concerns by well-meaning members of the community like myself.

“I urge the elected leaders of our capital city to serve the public diligently and stop deviating from what matters which is development of the county,” Mr Mbugua said.


He explained that he is only “great friend” of  Governor Sonko and had not in any way meddled in the operations of the county.

“The few MCAs who have ganged up to mislead the media and the public about my extent of the involvement in county affairs should focus more on matters that develop the county and stop the side-shows,” he said.

Mr Mbugua reminded the Ward Representatives that he was the Jubilee party candidate for Kamukunji constituency in last year’s elections after winning the party’s nominations, but shelved his ambition ‘in the spirit of ethnic balancing in the party’ after request from the party.

“I had to shelve my ambition at the request of party leaders. Based on this, and as a resident of Nairobi and citizen of this country, I am firmly at the heart of Nairobi politics,” Mr Mbugua said.