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Hawker in court for assaulting female cop who chose not to buy his wares

A street vendor who injured a police officer for failure to buy from him pleaded guilty to charges of assault and causing bodily harm only to deny the charges moments later for fear of a hefty fine.

Morris Muriithi Mbii had admitted assaulting and injuring Rasoha Aheza Khasiala before denying the charges.

It was reported that Mbii grabbed Khasiala’s left hand as she walked along Ronald Ngala Street on August 8, 2020 and when the officer questioned his motive, he hit her on the forehead.

Fortunately, the bleeding officer saw a colleague walking nearby and raised the alarm, leading to Mbii’s arrest.

The officer was taken to Nairobi West Hospital for treatment and discharged the same day.


The accused had admitted in court that he fought and injured the officer. The case file was then placed aside temporarily awaiting tabling of the evidence.

But as the accused waited for his turn, a woman who had pleaded guilty for offensive conduct was fined Sh50,000 with an alternative of six months jail term.

Thereafter Mbii recanted his guilty plea after the facts of the case were read out and exhibits tabled before the court.

The accused was granted a Sh50,000 bond and an alternative cash bail of Sh20,000 with mentioning of the case set for August 28, 2020.