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TOM MALITI: Have your say on county draft master plan

As residents of Nairobi, we have an opportunity to contribute to the present and future planning of what used to be fondly called the Green City in the sun.

Walking, riding or driving through Nairobi I am sure the question has crossed your mind, as it has mine: where are the city planners?

The answer may depress you. Nairobi’s last master plan was written in 1973 and was meant to serve us until 2000. We are living in an unplanned city and have done so for the past 13 years.

It seems our city planners have awoken from their deep slumber. They have drafted another master plan. This one is supposed to serve us until 2030.

The Nairobi County Government now wants us to have a look and contribute to it. County Hall has organised clusters of wards to meet in one venue to discuss the draft master plan.

These consultations began on January 20 and go on until February 13.

It is possible you may not know about them. There has been some publicity but not the loud noise you would expect for something of this magnitude.

I will have a go at this lack of publicity another time. Just know that the schedule of meetings is available on the county government’s website (

This poor awareness-raising on the part of County Hall should not deter us from participating in the meetings to discuss the draft master plan.

The last time anyone bothered to listen to what Nairobians had to say about their city was in 1993 when the then City Council co-organised a Nairobi We Want convention.

Let us go to the meetings, contribute to and debate the draft master plan. We all stand to gain.