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Have a crime to report? Don’t bother going to central station

CID officers are more likely to ignore your complaint against a suspect than act on it.

The CID headquarters has been ranked only second to Central Police Station as the places you are unlikely to get help even after presenting credible information against a suspect or institution.

Central Police Station tops the list of stations where evidence is ignored most, according to a report by the Independent Police Oversight Authority (Ipoa).

Closely following Central on failure to act on information given are Kasarani and Buruburu police with eight and six unacted on cases stations respectively.


The other most frustrating police stations to visit are Embakasi and Pangani which recorded five and three unacted on cases, followed by Kayole, Ongata Rongai and Ruai police stations.

Overall, police inaction on reported cases is the biggest worry for city residents, reveals the report.

A case was termed as ‘unacted on’ by the police, Ipoa’s spokesperson Some Mwangi said,  when all the material evidence was available but police failed to tackle it.

On such cases, police officers keep saying that investigations are going on. However, most cases of inaction result from bribery of officers by suspects.

Mrs Some Mwangi said: “We look at each case and a team determines whether the information given to police could sustain their action.

On the other hand, Parklands and Spring Valley Police Stations are some of the most speedy police stations in addressing reported cases.

The stations, both located West of the city centre, have the most courtesy, and offer the most satisfaction to residents because officers spring to action when given relevant and credible information.

Each had only one case of in-action reported to the Ipoa.

Interestingly, Soweto Police Station, ranked the second most notorious station for death of suspects in custody, also had only one case of police inaction, just like the best performers.

The same figure was given for Shauri Moyo, also rated dangerous for suspects as many die in custody.

At Kariobangi police station, only one case of inaction was reported, meaning most residents were satisfied with officers’ response to reported cases.