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Guys, sex questions all women answer with a lie

Relationships experts can’t stress the importance of honesty in a relationship enough. Still, there are some bedroom questions that woman will always answer with a lie.

Guys, just as you always say ‘no’ when she asks you if she is fat, there are questions that a woman will not really answer with the truth. Here is a look into some of them:

1. How many sex partners have you had? – No, she will never give you the truth to this question. This is because she know you will not be satisfied with any number that she gives you. You want to be her only one. Also, some women prefer to erase this count from their memory so they don’t really remember.

2. Do rich men turn you on? – She will tell you that they don’t but the truth is that they do. Money and power are a natural aphrodisiac even to women who are not money minded. It is natural. She lies because as much as such a man would turn her on, it doesn’t mean that she would leave you for him.

3. Are you on birth control? – Women lie both ways regarding birth control. She may tell you that she is when she isn’t because she doesn’t want the session to stop. Married women especially say they aren’t on birth control when they are because they don’t want to conceive. The two of you may have agreed to have a child but she changed her mind so she has you thinking she can conceive when she can’t.

4. Do you like giving blow jobs? – If you ask this question, most women will answer with a yes. The truth is that a much lower number actually enjoy being on the giving side of blow jobs. But she is eager to please so she will say yes and oblige when you ask but she doesn’t really enjoy it.

5. Did you come? – A very big number of women lie about having had orgasms. They do it to flatter a man’s ego. The truth however is that if she’s had an orgasm you will know it and there will be no need for you to ask this question.

6. Does size matter? – Her answer to this question will always be no. Why? Because again, she wants to protect your ego. Women know that most men who ask this question are the ones with insecurities about their size.

7. Do you lust after other men? – The answer to this question of course will always be no. The truth? Yes she does. All healthy adult women do. It however is nothing to worry about as they do not dwell on it. She lies because she doesn’t want to upset you for nothing.

8. Are you sure you are just looking for sex? – She will tell you yes when what she really means is no. Sex is hardly ever just sex for women. She will however have you thinking different because she hopes that time can change your mind.