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Disgruntled Gusii delegation hits out at Uhuru over meagre allowances – VIDEO

A video capturing of a section of a Gusii delegation criticising President Uhuru Kenyatta for giving them “meagre allowances” is trending on social media.

The delegation had been hosted by President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto at State House, Nakuru, on Wednesday morning.

In the amateurish footage shot aboard a bus moments after meeting, an elderly woman shares out her frustrations at the small allowance.

While holding a Sh1000 notes in her right hand, the women faces the camera and asks the President if that is all “he could offer.”

“We are suffering with this life,” the woman donning a yellow blouse points out.

“We started this journey (to State House) at 3am. Imagine we have spent the whole day there.”

“Allow me ask you (President) Uhuru, this money you have given us, we have left our children (at home) is it enough?” the woman posses amidst wails from her colleagues in the background.

Other passengers are heard singing and dancing to the lyrics of a song in praise of the opposition.

Meanwhile, the visit by the Gusii delegation to State House drew mixed reaction on social media.