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Gunfire, screams in Kenya Red Cross training drill – VIDEO

Kenyans netizens were shocked by a video that captured a simulation of an attack on Kenya Red Cross rescuers by a militia group in a forest.

The video showed armed men roughing up Red Cross personnel who were lying prostrate on the roadside. Soon after, forest rangers disperse the ‘attackers’ by firing shots in the air.

The video caused panic among netizens, before Kenya Red Cross Society issued a statement clarifying on the circumstance of the video.

In its statement, Kenya Red Cross said the video was part of a simulation exercise conducted at the Aberdare forest to train their staff in administering of first aid in a conflict situation.

“We appreciate the genuine public concern on the safety of our staff but also sincerely apologize for the alarm it may have caused. We often conduct such trainings to equip our staff with the necessary skills, needed in the execution of our humanitarian duties,” read part of the statement.

The video elicited mixed reactions from netizens who were clueless on what was happening.