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Groom commits suicide after learning he’s HIV positive

A bridegroom committed suicide last weekend after discovering that he was HIV positive and could not marry the love of his life.

The 28-year old man from Kalkacha village in the outskirts of Hola town, Tana River County, disappeared from home last Friday, the day of his wedding, and his body was found hanging from a tree branch two days later.

Relatives said the young man had been forced by his prospective parents in-law to go for the HIV test as a prerequisite for their consent to the marriage.

They blamed a local medical institution for the death, claiming that personnel at the facility did not handle the medical results professionally.

The young man, on learning that his HIV status had been leaked, disappeared from home on the day of the wedding, forcing relatives to stop the ceremony to look for him.

And on Sunday afternoon, the young man’s body was found dangling from the branch of a tree in a thicket off the Hola-Wayu road.

Tana River police boss Sylvester Githungo confirmed the incident and said investigations have been launched.