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72-year-old grandpa in court for Sh2.2million bank theft

A 72 year- old-grandfather has been charged with stealing Sh2.2million from Kenya Commercial Bank on three separate occasions.

However, when he appeared before a Nairobi court, Mzee Waweru Gicho Waweru alias Ng’ang’a Githei denied the four counts, three of stealing from a bank and one of attempting to steal.

Charges against Mzee Waweru are that on September 20, 2017 at KCB, Westgate Branch Nairobi County he stole Sh400,000 property belonging to the bank.

On the following day, September 22, the accused is said to have stolen Sh600,000 and on September 23 he is alleged to have stolen Sh1.2million from the same branch of the bank.


On September 26 he attempted to steal Sh1.2million from the same branch of the leading lender.

The accused limped into the dock with the assistance of  a court orderly, prompting Chief Magistrate Mr Francis Andayi to ask him, “Are you sick. Do you have a problem with walking and standing?”

Mzee Waweru replied, “I am sickly. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. Your honour I slept in a very cold police cell and my condition has worsened. The blood pressure has shot up. I was awakened by police when my name was called out.”

Mr Andayi asked the accused to sit while the charges were being read to him by a court clerk.


Seeking to be released on bond, Mzee Waweru asked the magistrate to admit him to a reasonable cash bail.

“How much can you raise so that you can be released to attend to your health?” Mr Andayi asked the accused.

“My siblings can only raise Sh100,000 and furthermore I’m a peasant farmer and any big amount of bail will be tantamount to condemning me to a worse state than I am in,” Mzee Waweru pleaded.

The magistrate granted the accused to a cash bail of Sh100,000 until October 4, 2017 when the case will be mentioned for fixing of hearing dates.