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Governor Mutua shells out millions to launch ‘Maendeleo Chap Chap’ on live TV

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua shelled out millions of shillings Saturday as he launched his Maendeleo Chap Chap movement, which he described as a vehicle for political and economic transformation in the country.

Mr Mutua engaged the service of all the five leading TV stations –Citizen, NTV, KTN, K24 and KBC- to beam live the event from the Machakos Kenyatta Stadium for nearly two hours.

Each of the station has its rate card on the amounts charged for live events, which costs hundreds of thousands of shillings. It is, however, unclear if the governor spent county funds or forked the amounts out of his pocket.


At the event, Mr Mutua said the movement, which he termed a third force, will spread its ideology to all corners of the country.

The governor said the movement will be committed and faithful to the improvement of our way of life so as to effectively deal with poverty.

In his speech, he cited such developed nations as South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan as nations that were at par with Kenya but ae now powerful economies that even give aid to Kenya.

“This will be a movement that says and shows that it is possible to be like Singapore, to surpass South Korea, to sit as equal economic partners with the Americans, British or Germans,” said Mr Mutua.

He said it was a social movement embracing all facets of life, with its foundation and clarion call was based on the slogan INAWEZEKANA na ITAWEZEKANA. (It is possible and it will be possible).


“Maendeleo chap chap is about focused, quality and efficient delivery of services and projects that change the lives of Wananchi in a way that can be seen,” said Mr Mutua.

He reiterated that the movement was about equality, championing for the rights and good life of our women and youth as well as giving hope to our fathers and mothers.

“That is why today I announce the launch of a movement focused on accelerating the quality of life for all,” said Mr Mutua.

The youthful Machakos governor said the movement was about the creation of a country where our politics and development are not based on tribes but opportunities for all, especially young people.

“We are introducing a paradigm shift and a new way of doing things because, surely, if what we have was efficient, we would be like the developed countries, ” said Mr Mutua.