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Governor Kabogo: I’m not a drug dealer

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has distanced himself from claims that he is a drug baron.

The veteran politician made the declaration during his appearance as a guest on the Jeff Koinange Live show on Wednesday night.

“My only offence is perhaps that I am rich. I swear upon my child I do not do drugs,” Kabogo said during the interview.

“That (drugs) is a theory that is consistently used by my opponents, especially in the run up to elections. After August you will next hear of the same in 2022, and that is if I contest,” he added.


“It all started in 2002 when I was vying for a Juja parliamentary seat. I used to ride in a chopper once in a while. Not many politicians at the time knew this chopper business and immediately people started questioning the source of my wealth. Some even say I am married to (Harun) Mwau’s daughter and yet he doesn’t even have a daughter.”

Kabogo further said that he is a major investor in real estate.

He also defended his record as Governor inspite of significant feedback suggesting the area residents were not satisfied with his performance.

He also confirmed that he will be seeking re-election as Kiambu Governor in the forthcoming election.

Kabogo has in the past been accused by his political detractors of being a drug baron, although he has never been arrested over the claims.