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Government extends operation hours for restaurants

The government has extended the operation hours for restaurants from 4pm to 5pm, Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman has said.

Dr Aman said that further discussions are ongoing and if there are any changes it will be duly communicated.

“Before I wind up I want to comment on a question that came up yesterday, and the question was with respect to the opening hours of restaurants and eateries now that the curfew time has been moved up from 7pm to 9pm,” Dr Aman said.

“I think our response was that there were instructions that were to follow as to the opening time for restaurants. We anticipated that because the curfew has been moved up, naturally hours of operations in restaurants and eateries will equally be pushed up. For now the closing ours for restaurants is 5pm,” he said.

The government on Friday warned restaurant owners operating past 4pm that their licenses of operation will be withdrawn permanently.

Head of Public Health Dr Francis Kuria said that restaurants are only allowed to operate until 4pm, despite extension of the dusk-to-dawn curfew to 9pm.

The government allowed for the reopening of restaurants in April under strict conditions.