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Got kids? Here’s where you can go

Activities with your children don’t have to be limited to one thing or another; mix things up for great times with your children.

 Educational: The National Museum of Kenya is a very interesting place to visit, especially for older children. The kids will enjoy the huge gallery full of stuffed animals that they will probably never see in the wild.

The big five (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino) and many other smaller animals are exhibited, as are some sea creatures. There is also a fascinating section of the birds of East Africa, not to mention a floor dedicated to the ‘Circle of Life’ as well as the origin of man. The adjoining snake park is also interesting.

Fun: The Jolly Roger in Lang’ata is bound to be a hit with younger children as it is full of bouncy castles and slides of all shapes and sizes.

Fitness: We often complain that today’s children spend entirely too much time cooped up indoors. Change all that with a visit to Karura Forest and enjoy a walk on the neatly maintained nature trails.

Food: This is likely to be the least of your worries. Most children love fast food and Nairobi has an abundance of these. Try the food courts in different malls to pick what they like, be it Chinese, Indian, or that old favourite, chips.

 Tradition: Take a walk into the past and see how the Kenyan of yore lived, played and worked. Tour traditional homesteads and enjoy the dances, sights and sounds of a Kenya long forgotten.

 Quiet down: There’s no better place for a family picnic than the Arboretum on State House Road. Acres of trees and grass make a peaceful setting for a family that wants a little down time.