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Gospel rapper Bupe drops his latest track ‘Holy Ghost’ – VIDEO

Christopher Katungwa, better known as Bupe, is gospel rap’s newest artiste. Bupe, who hails from Machakos, is also a songwriter who has a unique passion about the creative arts and influencing the gospel music industry, not just in Kenya but also in Africa.

His newest track titled Holy Ghost was co-written with Namibian singer, composer and innovative music producer Taz Goemi.


The two complied an upbeat catchy tune with rhymes that are easy to rap and vibe along to.

The track was written with the sole purpose of celebrating the presence of the Holy Ghost in a Christian believer’s life as that enables them to make concrete decisions, communicate with God and simply get through life day by day.

Holy Ghost is a song about a Christian’s navigation system. It’s centered around the empowering of the Holy Ghost,” Bupe said.

In the video, he uses simple video clips of various fans, family and friends jamming to the song.


One fan in the video is the eccentric singer and multi-instrumentalist Noel Nderitu.

Bupe’s music is a fusion of hip-hop, pop and contemporary African sounds which enables his music to cut across various cultural backgrounds.

He says his faith is the backbone of his music as he hopes to use it to speak hope through his composition.

Bupe has done various songs to his credit, including Love Me Like That, Woow and No Brainer. He has also done a few covers of other songs.

Here is what some fans on his channel had to say about his latest track:

“Love it!!! Filled with the Holy Ghost,”@This is Kahi said.

“Vibing with the Holy Ghost !! Thanks Kaka Bupe for this One!” @deedy commented.

“THIS IS THE MOOOOOOOOOOOODD…” @Redemptha William said.