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‘God’ told me to plant bhang plantation – farmer

Police in Limuru have arrested a man found growing bhang on his farm.

The man, identified as Njoroge Mbugua, told police that he was ordered by god to farm bhang.

Mr Mbugua, from Murithu village, confessed that he had been planting the herb for the past two years.

“This is my work alone and it is ‘god’ who instructed me to plant. I went to the heavens and came back because there are a lot of people who use it,” said Mbugua.

Police could not estimate the bhang’s worth.

The man is feared by his villagemates because of his habit of walking around with weapons.

“When you look at the field, it is fenced with thorn branches and he never leaves his field all day and he is always carrying a machete, club and a shovel so no one can go near him,” said police.

Police uprooted the bhang with the help of local residents.