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Give baby to its mother, court orders Shebesh

Nairobi Women Representative Rachel Shebesh has been ordered to surrender a child in her custody to a woman.

The woman claims her baby was snatched away from her while she was admitted to hospital.

Themagistrate on Wednesday ordered that the child’s mother, Ms Natasha Gachie, be granted custody of the child pending the hearing and determination of the case.

Ms Gachie is embroiled in a legal tussle with Rachel Shebesh.

At the same time, the magistrate ordered the parties seek an-out-of court settlement on maintenance, in the absence of which the case will proceed to full hearing on March 13.

Breast-feeding sessions

Ms Shebesh, her husband Frank Shebesh alias Ambundo and Mr Teejay Ashivende are accused of blocking Ms Gachie from accessing her baby.

Ms Gachie claims her baby was snatched from her by Mr Ashivende shortly after delivery at a city hospital in April last year and has since been kept away from her at Ms Shebesh’s city home.

The woman, 21, claims Mr Ashivende is the child’s father and resides at Ms Shebesh’s home.

Earlier, she claims, she had been allowed access for breast-feeding but this was stopped.

Ms Gachie wants the court to compel Mr Ashivende to return her child and to order him to pay her child support and maintenance of Sh200,000 a month. 

She also wants the court to grant her sole custody of the child.