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Girl with mouth tumour dies in hospital

The 21-year-old girl who had a mouth tumour covering almost half of her left face has died at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

Muansia Lenjoye died on Sunday after a two-year battle with a rare cancerous 11 centimetre tumour.

She was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of cancer made up of cells that develop into skeletal muscles.

Muansia had a tumor that had destroyed her upper left jaw and extended to her left eye.

She was treated in Tanzania where she was attended to by visiting Chinese doctors.


Her father John Lenjoye made a fresh appeal through the media consequently receiving help from the government to have the girl treated at Kenya National Hospital for free.

Muansia left their home in Nguruman and was admitted at KNH where a team of specialists were analyzing her condition in preparation for a reconstructive surgery.

According to Dr Edwin Rono, a Maxillofacial (jaws and face) Surgeon at KNH, who was attending to Muansia, the tumour was growing fast and blocking her air ways.

It all started last year with a swelling in her gum, which she pricked. It bled out and this heralded the beginning of the growth that led to her only surviving on fluids.