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Gilad and Wendy back with a new single ‘Usiende’

After collaborating in one of the biggest songs of 2015 Unajua, which rose to top music charts on several leading radio stations in Kenya, Wendy Kimani and Gilad Millo are back with yet another hit Usiende.

The soulful reggae single is mainly sang in English with only one Swahili word this time, which doubles as the title of the song.

Usiende was written by both artistes and recorded at MG Studios in March 2016, when Wendy came to Kenya for the Gilad Live Music for Empowerment Concert.

Speaking to Nairobi News on Wednesday, Gilad said they wrote the song because people who are in a relationship go through turbulence times together.

“All couples either married or in a relationship fight and that was the inspiration behind the song,” he said.

Wendy told Nairobi News that Unajua surprised both of them and it made them want to do more, a different video set in Amsterdam and a different stage in Israel.


“Gilad and I have the same feel for music, plus we sang together live for two years, so it’s just so much fun making music together and I’m really exciting to perform for a different audience. I can’t wait,” she said.

For the music video, Wendy and Gilad chose Amsterdam as the ideal location for various reasons. But convenience played a big role since Wendy and her husband live in the Netherlands.

The beauty and scenic locations provided by the Dutch city as informed their decision for choice of location.

Both artistes saw the opportunity to work with international directors from different parts of the world as a chance to strengthen the positioning of the Kenyan music industry on the international scene.

The music video was filmed in Amsterdam by Pakistani and Belgiun directors Iraj Larik and Michael Antoine.

The partnership between the duo goes back to 2011 when they were actively performing with the Calabash Band in Nairobi clubs.

Here is an exclusive teaser of the video which will be unveiled in the coming days.