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Ghanaian actress jailed for sharing nude pics

Ghanaian actress Rosemond Brown has been slapped with a three-month jail sentence by an Accra court for posting a naked photo of herself on social media beside her son.

And Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo, broke down in tears after the judge read out the sentence.

The photo, posted last July was reportedly taken on her son’s seventh birthday.

Brown who starred in Sidechic gang among other movies is seen crouching, facing the boy, and holding his hands. He is wearing underparts while her breasts are ‘submerged’ in her long hair.

She captioned the photo: “I am naked in front of you because this is how naked I was giving birth to you, so in case you find me lying somewhere don’t pass by but see me as your mum who brought you to life.”

She apologized for the incident but not before attracting a backlash and an invite for questioning by the police.

Brown pleaded guilty to all the three charges of publication of obscene materials, engaging in domestic violence namely conduct that in any way undermines another person’s privacy or integrity, and engaging in domestic violence namely conduct that in any way detracts from another person’s dignity and worth as a human being.

She had told the court, in defense that she was not ‘completely’ naked.

“I was not completely naked. He did not see my organs because I covered myself with a cloth and applied sellotapes to the necessary parts. Because the picture was taken in my own house.”