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Getting married? Here’s why hiring bridal gown is a big mistake

Nairobi wedding gown dealers are off late advising brides-to-be to buy new gowns as opposed to renting previously worn ones.

This is after the dealers discovered that some clients would hire the gowns to be used to dress dead people during body viewing.

A Nairobi based gowns’ shop proprietor who requested for anonymity said they no longer rent out gowns to brides-to-be as they are not in control of how they will use it.

“Others used to hire the gowns then got to the witchdoctor to be assisted in getting a husband so imagine a gown that was at the witchdoctor’s place being worn again in church by another bride,” said the source.

The practice of renting out gowns is slowly dying out in Nairobi and at first many brides had attributed the refusal by dealers to them wanting to make more money.


Hiring gowns used to range from Sh10,000-Sh20,000 depending on the design while a brand new gown can cost up to hundreds of thousands.

In the past, brides-to-be, who are not sentimental or are on a low budget, would hire a gown just for their wedding day and return it to the dealers.

The agreement would often include the bride having to launder the gown after use so that the next client would have a clean garment on her wedding day.

“The thought of having a gown that had been worn by a dead person or even one that was at a witchdoctor’s place is so horrifying that I chose to buy a new gown,” one bride commented when asked why she preferred a new gown.

The bride added that despite the higher amount she has had to part with she will be at peace on her wedding day knowing she is the first one to wear it and plans to re-sell to a friend after her wedding.