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Getting it right with your metallic accessories

It’s always been considered a fashion faux pas to wear anything shiny during the day. And rightly so! When styled the wrong way, one can end up looking like a misplaced disco ball trying to find its way back to the club!

However, when the look is carefully put together and paired with the right accessories, the final finish is not only glamorous, but very classy and sophisticated.

The metallic trend is versatile and allows for a complete head-to-toe options to choose from. From tops to skirts, shoes to bags, finding unique pieces that you can add to your wardrobe is fairly easy.

When selecting metallics for your wardrobe, keep in mind that shiny or bright shades and designs especially when worn close to the face, reflect light.

In doing so, they bring attention to the face and may inadvertently highlight signs of ageing such as wrinkling. If you are an older woman, do not select very bright metallic shades or accessories that are close to the face.

Instead opt for a sequined skirt that will draw attention to your figure.

Getting it right

More muted metallic fabrics, or those that have traces of metallic woven within the fabric, work best for older women. Very shiny bright pieces are good for the younger generation.

Metallic accessories such as clutch bags and shoes work well for women of all ages. They are perfect for nights out, and can simply be paired with jeans and tops for fun flirty looks.

For more formal wear, pieces from the metallic trend should be subtle. Choose accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.

Remember to keep accessories simple for the workplace, then more elaborate for informal wear.

Getting the metallic look right requires a little effort but with a few basics, you can have heads turning—for all the right reasons.

To avoid looking cheap, do not over accessorise. Select the piece that will stand out. For instance if you wear a silver top, do not add a silver necklace, silver earrings, silver rings, silver shoes and a silver bag to the look.

That’s far too much clutter. Keep your metallic look sharp.

Pair metallics, with neutral tones. For instance a gold blouse will look stunning when paired with a black or white pantsuit. Always try to seek balance between metallics and neutrals especially when it comes to formal wear.

Draw attention

Metallics by their very nature draw attention and if you would like to try the look without inviting too much scrutiny, go for fabrics or pieces that have a little metallic detailing such as a pattern on the hemline of a dress, or try fabrics that are burnished as opposed to those that are very shiny.

Try not to wear metallics in separates. A metallic crop top and skirt may look great on a runway, but in reality, they are not very flattering on women who are not models.

Keep metallics solid and when worn as separates, ensure that the other piece is not a metallic fabric, but rather a different fabric in the same colour as the metallic fabric.