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Kibicho: State officers who allow churches to operate in their areas will be punished – VIDEO

Disciplinary action will be taken against national government administration officers who will be found to have allowed places of worship to remain open in their areas of jurisdiction.

This is the warning issued by Interior PS Karanja Kibicho on Sunday as the state announced new stricter measures it is putting in place to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country.

All gatherings in churches, mosques, shrines and any other places of worship have been suspended, including disco matangas or music shows during funerals.

In the new measures by the government, funerals will now only be limited to immediate family member who should not exceed 15 people.

In addition, all weddings, merry-go-rounds, birthday parties and other social gatherings have also been banned indefinitely, as the state warned Kenyans against taking Covid-19 warnings lightly.

“What we have seen is total reluctance because it has been more of asking people to comply on their own volition and therefore moving forward and to make sure we understand each other the national government administration officers have hereby been directed that moving forward there will be no churches to be opened, this mean they have been directed to shut them. And if you are found with an open church in your jurisdiction disciplinary action will be taken against you,” said Kibicho.

He added: “There will be no gatherings in mosques, shrines and in all places of worship. The national government administration are also mandated to ensure that all bars are closed and funerals are only attended by immediate family members who do not exceed 15. We also have directed them that they should not allow weddings, merry-go-rounds, birthday party’s disco matangas and all social gatherings.”

Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai also stressed that police will begin enforcing these new measures starting Sunday midnight and action will be taken against anyone found in violation.

“Duties of the police service is enforcement of the law and the national police service will start enforcing the Public Health Act. I am giving a direction to all the national police service officers to start today (Sunday) midnight enforcing the closure of the bars. For Matatus to start observing the regulations including distance inside the matatu in terms of number of people according to the health standard,” explained Mutyambai.