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WATCH: Ganja farmer’s brazen admission that will leave you in stitches – VIDEO

A man’s bold admission to cultivating and using bhang for his personal health benefits during a crackdown in Nyeri has evoked interesting reactions from the online community.

The man, identified only as Mureithi, left onlookers and the police officers perplexed when he went on to praise the banned substance.

He said whenever he uses it, it gives him bodily strength, and that it also helps his digestion and thinking process.

Inanipatia nguvu, mwili yangu yote kama ni process zote, digestion inazifanya ina catalyse inaenda faster. Pia kuthink,” said Mureithi.

The Moi University graduate says he started using bhang in 2004.


The crackdown of the illegal substance was conducted by the Nyeri administration police county commander Jacob Sohera, and the county deputy commissioner John Marete.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans online.