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Gangster queen’s crew arrested in city hideout

Detectives in Nairobi arrested two women said to be accomplices of Lavender Akinyi Ogilo, a woman who was on their list of most wanted gangsters in the city.

The two suspects were arrested on Monday in connection to burglaries in Nairobi’s Kilimani, Riverside and Westlands areas.

Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti described Akinyi as the head of a gang of four that targeted upmarket neighbourhoods.

She was charged last week with several counts of burglary, alongside Tanzanians Shimton Ambasa, Teresa Richard and Rose Richard.

Akinyi was released on a Sh1.2 million cash bail with the alternative of Sh2 million bond for her five charges.


In Westlands, a police officer lost his AK47 riffle on Sunday night to four thugs armed with crude weapons.

The thugs are said to have dug a hole on the perimeter fence of Nairobi Regional Coordinator along Mamlaka Road near State House.

According to a police report, the thugs entered and monitored the movement of two officers who were on night duty.

They struck after one officer who was armed with a G3 riffle went on night round behind the house.

Police say the thugs then hit the other officer who was in the sentry box with a blunt object on the head and snatched his AK 47 no. 4851988 loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition before escaping.

The officer was rushed to Nairobi West hospital for treatment.

Police said they are investigating the incident.

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