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From the madding crowd – Olepolos

Just outside Nairobi are some scenic places to spend the day, and Olepolos and Oloroka townships spring to mind.

They really aren’t townships but offer a perfect getaway from the fast paced Nairobi life.

Olepolos is one of the best joints to be when thinking to be out of Nairobi.

It is said that you can choose a live goat and have it slaughtered and roasted as you sip your favourite beer.

Olepolos is known to Nairobi residents because of its location and its juicy meat. On a ridge overlooking Ngong Hills, it straddles the boundary of the Central highlands and the Great Rift Valley.

Run mostly by the local Maasai, Olepolos is always packed to the rafters with Nairobians out to have a good time away of the city but still within its vicinity.

You can listen to loud music in the comfort of your car. Groups drink and eat in the open while others do so in specially built enclosures.

Prehistoric site

Sitting next to the world famous prehistoric site, Olorgesaille, Oloroka is about 20 kilometres from Olepolos, and 60 kilometres from the city as you drive towards Magadi.

The place is scenic and inhabited by the Maasai.

As you drive on the narrow bumpy road, you will not fail to notice the Maasai graze their animals on the slopes of Oloroka.

For people who love hiking, Oloroka is the place to be. You can ask for a guide from the locals as there is no discernible trail in the upper reaches due to lack of regular visitors climbing on this side of the mountain.

You can then start the almost 10km hike that will take you about four hours to get to the top.

It’s a very rocky terrain so you need the right footwear.

As you get higher, the views of the surrounding landscape and the distant hills in all directions are breathtaking.

Some interesting plants also thrive at these heights despite the dry conditions.

And the fun-filled excursion is extremely pocket-friendly as you will spend not more than Sh1,000, most of which on tips and food.