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From radio station tea-boy to a most influential Nakuru DJ

His wish was to be a disc-jockey; and it all began in a kitchen.

He would prepare meals and tea for the radio station presenters, so he had the advantage of getting access to the studios to serve the steamy tea and food. These matters of the stomach made him a darling of the presenters.

And with time, he learnt the ropes and would get a chance to request that his favourite song be played before vanishing after pushing the button to start off the song.

Charles Mogire is one of the most influential DJs in Nakuru, enjoying an ardent following of 3,000 fans on Twitter and 28,000 fans on Facebook.

Born in Kisii and brought up in Nakuru, DJ Charlie, as he is popularly known, had difficulties raising college fees and so he opted to take any job that came his way. This saw him become a guard at a private residence. But after two months he quit, citing delayed payments of the low wages.


Although with no alternative source of income, Mogire applied for a job as cook in one of the Nakuru-based radio stations where he was given a chance to wash dishes and also wipe the offices and keep the studio clean.

“To me, this was not only a source of income but an avenue to build the future I never had before,” said Mogire.

He ensured that his work was done in good time to give him a few minutes to while away the afternoon in the studio, observing it first-hand. Here he would not only get a chance to request a song, but also be sent around the studio.

“During this period I still maintained my job as a cook where I earned a living. I also established a number of connections through some of the guests that visited the radio station. This helped me get contracts for events happening in and out of town,” he added.

After learning the basics in disc-jockeying skills, DJ Charlie quit tea-making and joined a DJ academy, established by his childhood friend. He would get a chance to do what he loved most, day and night, and then he got an opportunity to rejoin the radio station as a late night DJ.

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