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From a kiosk to Stardom

He started off in a kiosk. Now his company has grown enormously, with  a huge showroom and a workshop in Karen.

Every detail is key. Keeping daily records for Stardom Interiors has become David Njenga’s tradition.

By doing this, he has established the month his business pays well and the one it doesn’t.

“If I want to go on holiday, February is the month as there isn’t much business then. In September, a day away from office is not possible,” he says. 

Keeping records has been a standard practice. This way, he is able to make plans for his business and know how it is faring.

For a company that he started with Sh30,000, only enough to buy him a sewing machine, Njenga is happy with the current returns whih range from Sh300,000 to Sh1 million.

Stardom Interiors deals in making furniture, side lamps and shades, knitting curtains and duvets, wall art, paintings and sound-proofing rooms. It also offers interior design services to home developers.

Karen Exhibition Centre has 20 staff , each busy in their respective duties. It is a sharp contrast with when he started six years ago and he was the only employee. 

Njenga first worked for his uncle immediately he completed high school.

“This is where I got a chance to learn and hone my skills in making furniture and knitting curtains,” he says. 

After two years, he left for a mechanical engineering course in Machakos, something he admits he was not passionate about. 

Upon completion of his studies, he joined CMC Motors as a mechanic.

His passion for interior decorations led him back to his uncle’s workshop, not long after joining CMC.

“Passion alone is not what enabled me to get the business where it is today,” he says. 

He says it has taken him a lot of self-discipline, consistency, honesty to himself and his clients, sacrifice and his commitment to nurture the business.

“I ensure my clients’ needs are met however complicated. I work to ensure they are satisfied. Nothing is as satisfying as seeing a client happy with the final product. This has helped me grow since I get lots of referrals,” he says.