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It’s free-for-all as Sonko allows matatus to use any terminus in city centre

Nairobi county government on Tuesday allowed matatus to use any bus terminus they prefer in the city centre without requiring an approval letter.

Nairobi County Transport Chief Officer Richard Kavemba said that Governor Mike Sonko had ordered that all approval letters be disregarded and matatus to use whatever terminus they prefer.

“This is to inform all registered matatu saccos and the general public in Nairobi that there will no longer be need to get a letter of approval from City Hall for any Sacco member to access the use of our gazetted PSV terminus. With effect from the issues of this press release, it is an order from the office of the Governor,” read Mr Kavemba’s press statement.

Kavemba said some saccos had developed a sense of entitlement to use some termini exclusively.


“Our gazetted matatu terminus is open for use by all. The only requirement is for the particular sacco members pay the monthly matatu seasonal parking ticket and be operating within the routes captured in Gazette Notice 4479 of 2017.

“This Gazette notice clearly indicates the various designated and registered PSV or matatu terminus which is to be used by saccos operating from the different routes both within and out of the City,” he wrote.

The move is in line with Governor Sonko’s intention to end corruption in City Hall.

“I wish to communicate that any other letter or approvals previously issued to any sacco should forthwith be regarded as null and void as it is no longer a requirement. It’s important for all stakeholders to note that our gazetted Matatu terminus are strictly to be used as drop off and pick up points and not as holding grounds for PSV Vehicles,” Mr Kavemba wrote.