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FRANK MIDEGA: At last a drug to end cheating in our marriages

Nowadays there’s seemingly a pill for everything.

From restless leg syndrome to an antibiotic that stops the effect of a lady’s seduction on a man.

The drug, Minocycline, will even prevent altruism in men when in the company of an attractive lady
Pharmaceutical companies are leaving no stone unturned.

A female Viagra is what is now in the manufacturing belts. Lybrido which should be in stores late this year, is a pill that (aside the man’s bank statement) increases libido in a lady.

It also makes the experience more satisfying, so much so that they should as well have called it Niagara.

Intimacy is an extremely ‘touchy’ issue, so enters stage the cure to innumerable marital problems. Lybrido will empower women as much as save frozen relationships.

In other words here’s a love portion which isn’t administered by people in dark caves shaking calabashes and asking you to spit into gourds.

The drug merges the effects of the hormone testosterone and a Viagra-like component which independently wouldn’t have been able to boost flagging libido.

But in a twist that would be welcome news to pharmaceutical companies, experts are worried the drug has proven too effective and should hence have a reduction in its potency.

Side- effects

Along the same breadth, some women reportedly suffered side-effects including headaches and flushing of the face and neck.

It’s essential to add that the trials conducted were only on ladies in long term monogamous relationships and marriages.

This pill directly seeks to protect and not degenerate societal values.

The lead doctor in the study, Adriaan Tuten said he got his impetus after being dumped by his girlfriend in his twenties.

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