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Four police officers arrested after releasing drug suspect

Four police officers are expected to appear in a Mombasa court on Tuesday following their arrest after allegedly releasing a drug trafficking suspect under unclear circumstances on Sunday.

The suspect, identified as Richard Wachira, was allegedly released after being booked in the Occurrence Book (OB).

He had been arrested by the police within the notorious Majengo area in the evening.

Reports said that the four were arrested Monday night and were due to appear in court to face charges related to the unlawful release.

Addressing a public meeting at Majengo Chief’s Camp on Monday, Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa ordered Urban OCPD Martin Asin to interdict all the officers found to be involved in the suspicious release of the suspects.

“I want all those officers involved in releasing the suspects interdicted and sent home. If we work so hard to arrest suspects and somebody frustrates us by releasing the suspects after receiving bribes, what work are we doing here?” said Mr Marwa.

“We shall not win this war which the government is determined to win by hook or crook,” he said.