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Former university student Susan Njoki buried in family home

As the body of Susan Njoki Ngige was being lowered to the grave on Friday afternoon, her friend Angel Triza’s remained restless. She could not stop blaming herself for her friend’s death.

Susan’s body was found at City Mortuary last week, days after the former Multimedia University student went missing. She died on her way to visit Angel in Thika.

Even when the preacher maintained that Susan’s time on earth had elapsed according God’s plan, Angel could not be convinced that her friend’s fate was long sealed. Memories of her last encounter with her close friend and colleague kept torturing her mind.


” I am almost there, ” was the last text message she received from Suzy as they commonly referred to her.


On the fateful night, Susan was heading to Angel’s house to finalise their arrangement on how she would remain in her house as Angel travelled somewhere.

According to Angel, her friend boarded a vehicle from Ongata-Rongai at around 1pm and was heading to her place in Thika.

“We had agreed that she would update me when she was about to arrive, but after telling me that the she was almost arriving her phone went off. I tried calling her phone several times without success so I decided to ask another friend to take me to the stage as I thought she could have been stranded,” said Ms Angel

Little did she know that her friend was no more.

“I posted on various social media platforms of her disappearance but no response came back. Her brother Suleiman Muiruri is the one who called me seeking to know what had happened that night,” said Angel.

It was after two weeks when Mr Mururi called her to inform that her friend’s body has been found at City Mortuary.


Angel broke down as she explained how the news left her in shock and cursing herself for allowing her friend to visit her that night.


“I feel like I’m the one who caused her death, if I did not call her she could not have died,” she said.

Angel was among friends and relatives who gathered at Jordan Estate in Njoro for Susan’s funeral

Susan’s mother Ms Hellen Njeri Ngugi mourned the loss of her lovely daughter and wept bitterly throughout the ceremony. Her father Mr Shadrack Ngige put on a brave face as he eulogised his eldest daughter whom he described as loving, disciplined and hardworking.

“Death has robbed me off my lovely daughter who had a great future ahead of her,” said Mr Ngugi.

Susan’s body was recovered at Wakairu area opposite Kenyatta University Ruiru campus on the Thika Super highway at 2am.

A postmortem examination revealed that she had fractured skull and cervical spinal column and skull indicating that she might have met her death through a road accident.