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Former Tahidi High actor turns to nude modelling

Ephy Mureithi, fondly referred to as Ephy Saint, is not just the ordinary actor you knew during his time in Tahidi High.

Mureithi has undergone a transition many of us prefer not to acknowledge; from acting to modelling. He spoke to Chillax about his turnaround.

Are you done with acting?

Definitely not. I turned down an offer from Kona because  it wasn’t a good deal. I left Tahidi High because I felt it was time for me to grow, as I had been  in the programme for more than a year.

However, if another opportunity comes my way I will take it.

So what are you doing currently?

My focus now is on modelling and also on my shoe company called Kenya Ndula.

Don’t you get demoralised about the negative comments regarding your modelling style?

I’m an artiste and modelling is part of this profession. Nude modelling is still new in Kenya and I think it’s time someone initiated it and why not me?

This is the life I have chosen to live. It isn’t wrong just because some people say so.

Aren’t you concerned when people call you the male socialite?

No. I pose for a purpose. However, don’t get me wrong, I respect the other ‘socialites’ for their courage. I started something that would outlive me, Kenyans prefer to hate than love, but good or bad news they are all news and you have to live your life.

Have your pictures affected your life in any way?

They will affect my life the day I start caring about what other people say. I have a girlfriend who is very  supportive. In fact, in my latest photo, she’s the one holding ‘my stuff’.

My mum supports and respects what I do because she has seen me grow ‘from grass to grace’.

Rihanna and Jamie Fox have taken many nude photos and yet they have millions to answer to.

What if this affects your children in future?

I’m sure it won’t because I will tell them to live their lives as I lived mine. I’ll support them in whatever they choose to do.

What’s the most embarrassing moment in your life?

There was a time I was at a restaurant and a girl came up to me and started shouting that she wanted to leave her family for mine. It was embarrassing since I was with my mum and girlfriend.

Last words?

Just keep doing what you love. People will throw stones at you,  but that doesn’t mean you will die.

Pick them up and build a house instead.