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Former KBS employee recalls sacking

Life has not been kind to former employees of the Kenya Bus Service Limited (KBSL) who lost their jobs through retrenchment eight years ago.

Rodgers Mophat Mwabishi, employed as a conductor in 1996, still recalls how one jovial morning turned gloomy when he and others arrived at work, only to be greeted by a notice at the entrance informing them that their services were no longer required.

Reality dawns

He worked as a conductor until 2003 when he was transferred to the office, performing ticket machine clerk works and inspection, among other duties.

“I remember on the morning of June 11, 2005 when we found notices on the door telling us to go on an indefinite leave as there was no work. I have not heard from most of my former colleagues since then, as we went separate ways,” says Mr Mwabishi.

The unemployment reality dawned on many of them and they had to send their families to rural homes.