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Forget about obstacles, stay focused

Ludwig Van Beethoven showed great potential as a child.

Born in 1770, he was one of the world’s most famous and influential composers.

His gift was recognised and nurtured by his father and his teachers who were giving him piano and violin lessons when he was four years old. He wrote his first composition when he was 11.

When he was 26, he began losing his hearing and a decade later, he was completely deaf.

This turned his social life around because he wanted to hide his impairment from the world. When he continued losing his hearing, he had thoughts of suicide but he resolved to live for and through his art.

Though he couldn’t hear the world, Beethoven could hear the songs in his head and he continued to write, composing a total of nine symphonies.

While his personal life was riddled with sadness and misfortune, centuries on, he continues to inspire musicians and composers.

From Beethoven’s life story, one sees a great act of perseverance and also a man who had a strong belief of the purpose of his existence.

Do you believe that your existence was an accident or that there is a purpose for your life?

Reverend Jean Bosco a youth minister in Nairobi says that each life has meaning and each person has a purpose. You have been tasked with discovering what your life purpose is.

Beethoven was lucky to discover his life purpose early and it kept him alive. How can you discover your true purpose?

According to Reverend Bosco, you must empty your mind of all untrue purposes you may have learnt. Then with a clear mind, look within yourself for that one thing that you live for, that is your purpose.


Even after discovery, there are bound to be hurdles along the way. Beethoven for instance, lost his hearing which was vital in his career. When this happened, he looked for solutions.

He used a special horn to enhance his hearing and kept conversation books which he used to communicate to those around him.

The greatest challenge in accomplishing your life’s purpose is to overcome these hurdles and keep your purpose with you daily.