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For our prosperity we need selfless leaders

For the past two days, Kenyans have been in a frenzy, gathering at various places across the country to celebrate the Golden Jubilee.

The government has spared no expense to make the celebrations a success, pumping in Sh500 million while the private sector has pledged to top up with another Sh2.1 billion.

No less than sixteen presidents have jetted in to join us in celebrating our successes during the last 50 years, testament of our country’s exalted place in the community of nations. Never before has our country played host to such a huge gathering of world leaders.

Indeed, we have come a long way as a nation since attaining our independence from the colonialists in 1963.

We have registered remarkable success over this period, from a struggling third world country to a regional economic powerhouse.

We are firmly on the path to becoming a globally competitive and prosperous nation.

Our people have overcome major hurdles over the fifty years, from single party dictatorship to the era of multi-partism and the enactment of the new constitution. Our democracy has indeed come of age.

Granted, we have gone through sad chapters in our fifty-year journey including political assassinations, shocking economic scandals, election related violence and acts of terrorism targeting our nation and populace.

But together, we have overcome them and hauled ourselves back to the path of prosperity. We have exemplified the true Kenyan spirit of resilience in the face of adversity.

We must also salute our sportsmen and women who have put Kenya on the global sporting map, our world beating athletes, our footballers, boxers, volleyballers, swimmers, rugby stars name them.

You have truly made us proud as a nation. Our gallant soldiers who have put their lives on the line to defend our country also deserve praise.

But we must remember that challenges do remain. To surmount these challenges, our leaders, those within and outside the government must all overcome their selfish interests for the sake of the nation’s common good.

We all must confront the ills that have for years undermined our nation’s journey to prosperity – tribalism, greed, mediocrity and illiteracy. Only then will we achieve our dream of a prosperous, united and peaceful nation.

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