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FKF moves to assert control over premier league

A scenario of two parallel national leagues is in the offing following a directive by Football Kenya Federation (FKF) that they be included in the running of all football leagues and competitions in the country, including the Kenya Premier League (KPL).

FKF officials on Tuesday announced a raft of measures aimed at making them more involved in the running of the league, which currently the sole mandate of the Kenyan Premier League Limited.

The announcement was made following a National Executive Council meeting.


Top on the list was a directive that KPL will be renamed the FKF Premier League and that all bodies operating under KPL will cease to exist with immediate effect.

“The Kenyan Premier League shall from the 2015 season be renamed the FKF Premier League according to the FKF Statute. All committees and judicial bodies operating under KPL henceforth cease to be, and FKF will take up its rightful role to form the appropriate bodies to address the various components of local football management,” Football Kenya Federation vice chairman Robert Asembo said.


The two football governing bodies have been at loggerheads for the better part of the year with the latest tussle being FKF’s proposal to increase the number of teams from the current 16 to 18.

FKF officials were on Tuesday categorical that the issue of whether or not to incorporate two more teams into the national league is past the debating phase and that the only discussion they can entertain about the modalities for implementation.

“The FKF position on that matter is not negotiable. What is left to dialogue about is how to execute this plan. The guideline for promotion and relegation of clubs in all leagues and the number of teams to feature in a league is an exclusive mandate of FKF,”  he said.

KPL Chief Executive Officer Jack Oguda said that they will convene a meeting of the governing council before reacting to this development.


And to demonstrate their intent to get an active role on the running of the league, FKF officials have put a December 15 deadline for clubs to register as direct affiliates of FKF, saying that FKF will be involved in all commercials engagements concerning clubs, including team sponsorships.

The officials said they will order a forensic audit not only on KPL’s financial statements for the last five years, but also on the lifestyle of all the KPL personnel.