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Fix radiator tank properly to avoid cracking the tops

Dear Neto,

I drive a 2002 Toyota Premio new model. I recently had the radiator repaired because the plastic top was cracked causing the cooling system to malfunction.

I took it to a radiator repair shop where it was fixed but it has cracked again and I see the same overheating signs.

The radiator repair shop suggested that I replace the plastic one with a metallic one (brass). I have seen many people replace the plastic tops with metallic ones and I wonder if it is right. What’s your opinion on this kind of replacement?


Dear Sanora,

I have no problem with replacing the plastic radiator tank with a metallic one since the plastic ones hardly hold after multiple repairs. In older models, the radiator was all metal but today manufacturers want to reduce on weight and at the same time find cost effective methods of mass production of auto parts.

That is why they resorted to building plastic radiator tanks. Sometime I also imagine it is easier to replace the plastic radiator tanks since they are now available unlike the old days when getting an original replacement would make you part with an arm and a leg.

If you fix the metallic one, you have the advantage of forgetting about radiator problems for quite a while but only if it is done properly and the radiator placed on a thorough pressure test.