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Five things every woman should know about love

Love is a subject that every normal human being cannot avoid, whether it is the need to feel loved or how to love.

Here are a couple of things that every woman should know about love.

1. It is reciprocated

Every woman should know that you cannot expect to be loved when you cannot even love anyone. Love is reciprocated and most of the time this is done in equal measure so spread some love.

2. Not all men are dogs
This is a cliché that every woman ought to know is unreal. If all men where dogs, how comes there are still happy relationships? Men are as different, so study them and get the best lover.

3. You chose your kind of love
Love is a choice, falling in love never existed. Women purpose to love and so when you make that choice, ensure he is the kind of lover you have always wanted. Be ready though to compromise on some of your fantasies.

4. Love language differs
Men, just like women understand different love languages. For some it Is acts of service, others it Is gifts while others value physical touch and some even time. Ensure you study your lover’s language and communicate yours so as to enjoy being in love.

5. Unlike poles attract
People of different characters are often attracted to each other. This tests your ability to accommodate the other person while ensuring you enjoy the relationship as you study the other person. Appreciate the differences, they made you attracted to each other.